Been caught stealing

The prompt from this page:

Steal because we are lacking: Found poem

Some kids don’t have access

Will we be able to connect?

What is our strategy for self-care? Peer interaction?

Apply to share, for support from a deep, dark place.

Photo by Henley Design Studio on

Babe in arms, mouth so wide

Wrap strings as a tourniquet

Drawing area under paneling -parent let us create before we replaced

Yesterday, we recorded video with family

we grieve loss of freedom, physical contact, allowed connection

Photo by Anastasiya Lobanovskaya on

If you are in distress, there are options

emotional skills for positivity, as time goes on

take time you need for self-care we are all learning

outside, watching everything go green.

–from an interview with a school district counselor, poetry prompt from a writing group, memoir

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