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Ladies Slim Fit Super Soft Triblend V-Neck Tee
$32.47 $27.47
Unisex Basic Tee
$42.47 $37.47
Unisex Basic Promo Hoodie
$37.47 $32.47
Unisex Neon Crewneck Sweatshirt
$23.47 $17.47
11oz Ceramic Coffee Mug
Ladies Slim Fit V-Neck Jersey Tee
Ladies Slim Fit Super Soft Triblend V-Neck Tee
Ladies Slim Fit Super Soft Triblend V-Neck Tee

I have been taking photos and drawing/painting art and marrying them with my words since I can remember. My sister will remember The Doors pastel mural in my closet with words snaking around a psychedelic rendering of the famous typography of the band (along with a parental-pleasing bong) and lyrics from the band’s evocative, theatrical and delicious catalogue.

There are a few philosophical lines included here with the art, aphorisms that I offer in the spirit of invitation and openness; not dissimilar to the lyrics straggling across my closet walls—and often smudging my clothes—these tiny koans help me navigate the world. Some are included in poems of the past; some might turn up in poems or other writing in the future.

I will also soon include my chapbooks, Elementals: Songs for Gaia and Rock n Roll Hootchy Koo, both of which include images as a way to extrapolate meaning and juxtapose optional visual emotions with the poetry’s sound and sense.

I hope you like my creations. I plan on changing out the offerings in seasonal collections so get this inaugural collection, Harpies & Angels, before it’s gone.

Harpies and angels speak the truth; bet you didn’t know that both have claws. Channel one or the other you’ll be able to take flight. XO PT

10% of proceeds go to social justice organizations: Color of Change and Southern Poverty Law Center.