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I’d love to help you with your work, talk to you about my business, which I’ve run for 10 years as a Badass, GirlBoss, Lean-In, Wild Woman Warrior Goddess (to name drop just a few female idols and their work). Hit me up at ptomsky@gmail or on Twitter,  Instagram or LinkedIn. Can’t wait to meet you. Unless you’re trying to sell me something that has nothing to do with writing,  in which case, gird your loins for salty-surly “Trishie” my alter ego I allow to do VERY BAD THINGS.

2 thoughts on “Contact Me

    1. Hi there;
      I recently had it reformatted for Amazon. It’s with the proofreader. Right now you can order from me on Venmo leaving your address there–$7 free shipping. I also make personalized bookmarks based on the times of each book. Thank you so much for your interest! Best–Patty


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