Patty Tomsky

I’m happy you popped in–and will also be relieved when you leave. JK As a closeted introvert who presents as a consummate extrovert–the struggle is real.

I have two biographies–one for my creative endeavors as a poet, blogger, memoirist and novelist, one as a writer and consultant for businesses–mostly large Fortune 500 clients who are always my best teachers and cherished colleagues (really!!).

For all things business-y, check me out on LinkedIn or on my contently site (Patricia Wittnebert Tomsky– I have lots of aliases. I fancy myself an outlaw).

For all things creative, sit yer ass down.

My creative bio is about writing since I was five years old with my first award in kindergarten, as the youngest elementary school entrant with a poem that was destroyed, along with the book it appeared in, during Hurricane Floyd, in a Rockaway, NJ basement with very faulty French drains.

Recognition as a creative writer and poet is very thin on the ground, so I am bulleting mine out, below. So incredibly blessed and humble–even if you don’t give a flip about my work, it would behoove you to follow the links back to these great organizations, writers and magazines to see my fellow creatives’ work.

  • Paterson Literary Review and Paterson Poetry Center- I was able to win third place in their Allen Ginsberg Poetry Prize as well as Honorable Mention. I was also so grateful to work under founder Maria Maziotti Gillan during several poetry retreats. What a talented gift to poetry she is–and now an acclaimed painter, as well.
  • Poems also appear in Ken Ronkowitz‘ invaluable e-zine, Poets Online. The prompts almost every month have been beams of light for me when all of my oh-so-serious copywriting and PR/Marketing work seems to block my inner poet. Here’s a link to one of my faves, Shame: A Song Heard Three Rooms Ago.
  • Arachne Press’ Story Cities: A City Guide for the Imagination. My flash fiction, Alleys and Dumpsters, In Between, Sunny Day is in this ultra-cool anthology, published in June, 2019.
  • Short stories in FemZine UK, poems in Kota Press, US 1 Worksheets, Peterson Literary Review, Adirondack Review and elsewhere, TBD.
  • Then there’s my book, Take Back The Night, a novel about how a Bowie-esque rock star and his girlfriend Cy save the world from tarot card demons come to life during a three-day Coachella-like concert. Both Cy and the rock star are nonbinary characters but I do use “she” and “he” as per advice from a gender-neutral friend of mine who says its fine–just wanted to warn those who identify as non-binary that this is the way its written. 😦
  • Here’s my author page with my self-help eBooks for Minimalism, Clutter, Sales and Customer Service (yes really). I had a contract with this group and these taught me how to write to extreme deadline. Not my favorite work but they do great business on Amazon–and the contract I got was awful, so don’t worry, you aren’t stiffing me if you don’t buy them.




2 thoughts on “Patty Tomsky

  1. Patty, I always admired your intelligence, you are one of my favorite people in the whole, wide world. Your creative writing has taken me away from my everyday problems, I thank you for that.



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