Be where you need to be

Take a walk with me!

There are so many ways to function in these strange days. Be gentle before judging yourself or anyone’s reaction. I have vacillated between fear and faith— faith that this is impermanent and will be over. Much of my fear circulates around these thoughts:

Someone has done something wrong and is handling this poorly and they need to be punished

Someone being the people in charge and the tone deaf updates they thrust upon us every day.

Many celled painting in a many armed tree friend of mine

The other fear is feeling people dying in quarantine without loved ones is an unnecessary cruelty I don’t have the knowledge to address.

The third is that I’m not fighting hard enough to see my kids that I’m letting their Dad follow stringent rules that I might question and fight —that I should go up there and take them away so I can take care of them.

The fact is those fears are borne out by reality. They’ve not taken over my entire mind but they do seem to have taken up more space then they should.

My walk into the open spaces.
  • Worry is a prayer for something you don’t want to happen
  • This too shall pass
  • Love is the only thing that is real

These three mantras keep me going. I hope they help you as you read this. I’m eating tons of sugar I’m watching too much TV I’m not sleeping well. Everything is as it should be because it is happening. What I choose to bring to it will make the difference between hopeful and hurtful.

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