Cute holiday refreshers for your home

Freshen up your home for the holidays with these up-and-coming décor ideas

The end of the year holiday rush is upon us—but you may want to focus on refreshing your home for the guests that are inevitable during this time of the year. We’ve scoured the web and used our extensive HGTV viewing time to come up with the top 5 trends you can easily implement before Thanksgiving Day.

Amazon’s bull bell with jute hanger fulfills the metallics-plus-rustic textile trend for $16.99.
  1. Texture, texture and more texture

If you’ve never thought to mix jute pillows with brass finishes, you’re going to be surprised at how the two, seemingly jarring textures work together to bring a kind of nature-based sophistication to your space. Other ideas to easily implement? Hit up Marshall’s or Home Goods to grab the new velvet flocked pillows (if you grew up in the 70s like me, they’ll look familiar) that add a touch of bohemian luxe to your seating areas.

Concrete delivers a counterintuitive warmth to accessories. Williston Forge at Wayfair $140

2. Concrete everything

From kitchen countertops to flooring, the newer concretes are so fancy, they look like super-chic granite. And they’re easy to take care of, too. Of course you don’t have time to redo your floors before the end of the year, but you can source some interesting lighting that incorporates the look—pendant lamps and lamp bases made from concrete have a cool-girl, urban edge your guests will notice.

Try this wall hanging that’s a room heater for $99 at Inviroheat USA

4. Indoor-outdoor living

Outdoor living rooms aren’t going anywhere—what is changing is the interest in bringing the outdoors inside. Your aunt’s dusty ficus plants aren’t what we’re talking about here—stacked glass doors that open great rooms to the great outdoors are. This isn’t as difficult to do as you might think—a little terracotta bowl of succulents (I know, I know, those are almost played out) in the bathroom can make the space feel more welcoming. You can also find interesting wall-mounted planters that look like living works of art. The entryway or kitchen nook can host these easily.

Pretty pink is coming back–as are flocked pillows a la Marsha Brady’s bedroom. Pillow-Urban Outfitters $39

4. Pillow talk

If you’ve missed the embossed pillow trend this fall, now’s the time to get on board. Two other fun trends are batik pillows that look like the inside of a kaleidoscope; or pillows inspired by abstract artists like Miro or Mondrian. Color trends for throw pillows include the bold mustard that’s been everywhere this year and still looks modern and fresh as well as subtle pops of candy pink or eye-catching, bold reds or burnt sienna against icy blues or frosty whites. 

You can source your own suitcase at ReStore or ARC and add legs or get this one and tell people you did. $127.50 at hayneedle (free shipping).

5. Recycled and retro

This is a topic dear to my heart—sourcing reclaimed furniture and reupholstering it has been a family tradition. I remember my Mom and her then-cutting-edge lime green flocked upholstery job on an ugly brocade armchair. It was like she could work magic! Working this trend into your pre-holiday refresher plans doesn’t have to consist of reupholstering—you’ll see an old suitcase and think—ugh, no wheels—but you can bring it home from the thrift store and make a cool little end table for the guest room.

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