Work(s) In Progress

Talk about accountability! I personally hate the subject. Nonetheless, I understand it is helpful for undisciplined, creative fuckarounds like me.

Therefore: I thought I’d keep everyone posted on my submittable plans as well as my WIPS in this blog. Here is our latest IRL work-in-progress–our bitchin’ Chevy van we plan on taking to Roswell, Bakerfest and Ranchfest gigs this summer. You are cordially invited. I want to drink lots of Jack Daniels and pass out in the back like a teenager but I won’t.D51C2B01-9EA9-410B-BEB3-AB8492F2CE8E

Right now–what’s cookin’ in my super-delectable brand new MacBook Air?

Novel – The Grasshopper Eaters – first draft

Novel- The Death Shepherd – in edits (oh PAINFUL, owwwww)

Memoir-Everyone is Magic

Poetry – Rock n’ Roll Hootchy Kool (chapbook)

Short Story – My Life as a Werewoman

Flash Fiction – Long in the Tooth (Horror)

Which ones am I super-psyched about? Well, all of them, of course. Except for the one noted as PAINFUL. I love first drafts–I get high off ’em. Revisions? Not so much.

I wanted to leave a writer’s resource every blog so here’s one from the amazing, smart, talented Rachel Weaver, Living Revision by Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew. Your editing will thank me for it. I have reframed my ideas about revision and editing from it. She has this list (page 99) of where to start revising and it’s boss-diggity:

“Passages toward which you feel unreasonable resistance.”

I’m mean, seriously. So good.


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